Banana Pudding Cake

The only thing constant in life is change.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Growing up, changing schools, going off to college….the sad, sad end of the Friends tv series (yes, years later and I’m still mourning that loss).  This weekend, it was time to visit my hometown and say goodbye to my childhood home.  My parents are moving on to build their dream home. It was also my dad’s and grandpa’s birthdays.  So many reasons to celebrate!!

The cake for their party combined two family favorites.  Banana pudding and cake.  Awesome combo!!!

But first, a funny story.  There tend to be many of these when my family gets together.

This time, I was writing my last post while my mom cleaned out their pantry.  Every few minutes hearing “Would you use…?” as she pawned off donated pantry items to my sister and I.  Hey, I’m all for free food that will mean I don’t have to grocery shop for a while.  That is, until this convo happened:

Mom:  “Want some baking powder?”
Me:  “Sure! When does it expire?”  <– Half family joke, half necessary question
Mom:  “Ummm…<searching>…1991. Omg!!”

Yep. That baking powder went in the trash pile.

Overall, it was a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed my last few nights spent visiting that house.  I know it’s time to move on to bigger an better things, but that will always be our home. Did I mention change isn’t easy??

For the celebratory portion of our weekend, I worked to make a cake for both of the birthday boys.  Quick break to say Hi grandpa and happy birthday!!!  (He gets post updates on his iPad.  Seriously, my grandparents are awesome) And happy birthday to my wonderful dad!!

So my dad likes vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream…boring…and my grandpa just likes cake. I decided to go with a banana pudding cake.  Here’s the recipe:

Banana Pudding Cake

Makes ~20+ servings (we cut small pieces, so we got more than 20)

***Note:  Look through each part of the cake to find all ingredients.  They’re listed separately to make it easier to prepare the cake.  To address comments made: Yes there are TWO boxes pudding in here (1 vanilla flavored, 1 banana flavored) and I use Cool Whip for the frosting.***


  • 2 sticks butter, softened
  • 1 3/4 cups sugar
  • 3 eggs + 2 egg whites
  • 3 tsp vanilla
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • One 1.34oz box instant, sugar-free banana pudding mix
  • 1 cup milk

Filling: Whisk together the following ingredients and refrigerate until assembling cake (~10minutes).

  • One 1.34oz box instant, sugar-free vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 1/4 cups skim milk
  • 1 cup Cool Whip (or whipped cream)

To brush on layers: Mix together the following:

  • 1 Tbsp sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 Tbsp skim milk

You’ll also need:

  • 2-3 medium ripe bananas
  • 3-4 cups Cool Whip for frosting

Step 1:  Make the cake

Preheat oven to 350 F. Prep three 8″ round pans by lining the bottom only with parchment paper. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  Slowly beat in eggs and egg whites, one at a time.  Beat in vanilla until well combined.
In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and pudding mix.  Add into wet ingredients in three separate additions, mixing until just combined.  Don’t over mix!
Stir in milk until combined.  Divide batter and pour into pans.  Bake 22-25 minutes or until cake is golden and begins to pull away from sides of pans.
Allow cake to cool 15 minutes in pan.  Loosen and remove from pan.  Allow to cool another 1-2 hours on a wire rack.

Step 2:  Begin layering

Level each cake.  Place first layer on cake plate. Brush with a little milk mixture.

Line banana slices on top of cake.  Spread 1/3-1/2 of the filling mix on top of bananas.

Place next cake layer on top of filling. Repeat with milk mix, filling, and final layer.

Step 3: Frost

This is the fun part.  Frost with Cool Whip and decorate as you wish.  I crushed some mini Nilla wafers and spread on top.  Then used the wafers along the sides.

Whew!  Sounds super complicated, but it was simple to make.  You may also want to put some Nilla wafers in between the layers.  You know, if you’re feeling extra fancy and decadent.

Very important!!:  Store this cake in the fridge!!  Lots of perishable ingredients.  You’ve been warned, so I’m off the hook if you don’t refrigerate and get sick. 😉

Like the fancy plates I chose?? haha 🙂

This may be a new family favorite.  It’s definitely not a “good for you” cake, but this was a very special occasion. Everyone loved it, too!  My nieces especially enjoyed picking off and eating the Nilla wafers.

Want traditional banana pudding?  Click here for my family’s recipe.

318 thoughts on “Banana Pudding Cake

    • I didn’t have 8 inch cake pans but only 9 inch. So the batter was only enough for 2 of those pans. Any ideas for increasing the recipe for 9 inch pans?

      • Assuming the depth is approximately the same, you only have to look at the increase in area through a mathematical approach. The area of the bottom of an 8 inch pan is 50.2655, and the area of the bottom of the 9 inch pan is 63.6173 sq in. That’s an increase of 25.5625%. Assuming it’s just a simple increase, multiply every measurement by approximately 25%, and convert your decimals into smaller amounts, 0.375 cups * 8 ounces = 3 ounces.

        Tell me how it turns out.

      • You made two of three layers using the bigger size. So, you need half again as much to make your third layer. Take your ingredients times 1.5 and you should have the perfect amount!

      • I used 9 inch pans with the recipe. Turned out fine. This is a very pretty cake and looks like more work than it is! Most important it is delicious!

      • You can always do a cake batter and a half, the recipe calls for two sticks of butter, so it will be 3 sticks of butter. Add 6 tablespoons to the three fourth cup. You can go Google it to find out the rest of your measurements, also you can go on YouTube to find out how to divide an egg.
        Happy Baking, Brenda

      • I would suggest doing the multiplication. One third more batter ingredients. But I want to do a two layer cake. So thanks for the tip on 9 Vs 8 in pans.

  1. Making this for my daughter’s 16 birthday cake. Just took the cakes out of the oven. Was a little concerned because the batter was a bit thick, but they baked beautifully. They smell simply yummy and I am not a fan of banana. Can’t wait to put it all together!!

      • It turned out great, and I got a ton of compliments! I had my oldest daughter home for the night (she is almost 20) and her boyfriend. My birthday girl had 3 friends stay over and they were just amazed that I made her a cake from scratch and not out of a box. They kept telling her, “your mom is so cool!” The cake was really, REALLY good!! We’re used to cakes being light and fluffy, not dense, so the consistency threw us off for a moment, but it got rave reviews! Thank you so much, I will definitely be making this again!

      • So it wouldn’t be a good idea to just make from scratch pudding and use that instead? It has to be instant?

      • From scratch would be just fine for the filling, though you’d have to modify the filling mixture to make sure it was thick enough. But the pudding mix (instant stuff) is also used in the cake batter. Don’t know that homemade pudding would work for the filling because it would make the batter too moist. But I’ve never tried it!

      • Have you tried making this with homemade pudding? I want to try this cake for our Christmas dinner instead of our usual banana pudding. I am use to making my own pudding as opposed to box pudding.

      • I haven’t tried it with homemade. But you can certainly use homemade pudding for the filling! (Make it thicker than normal) However, it will not work to add homemade pudding to the cake batter unless you adjust the wet ingredients. In this recipe, only the pudding MIX is put in to the cake. Not prepared pudding. Hope this helps! Happy baking!

  2. Anyone who like’s milk will find this hard to believe but my 5 year old granddaughter loves milk and she has tried silk milk in baking sweets it is very, very good it has a unique sweet flavor give it a try. I have a problem digesting milk and found this out by accident and my grandkids love it.

  3. I combined the the filling in the cake batter.thinking that was the pudding mix that it says add to dry ingredients. Where does the pudding mix come in?.the recipe only called for one small box

  4. I have made this cake twice now and have been asked to make it again for a friend’s Christmas Party. Thank you so much – it is an exceptionally delicious dessert that is light and fluffy and has all the yummy goodness of banana pudding!

    • You can, but would have to make adjustments to the rest of the recipe to compensate. Cake flour and all purpose have different amounts of gluten in them. I recommend just using all purpose if you have it. 🙂

      • Thank you for explaining the difference of flour – I always wondered about that. My Mom loves banana puddin & pineapple cake. I think I’ll try brushing the cake w/ pineapple juice & small amount of crushed pineapple in the layering w/ banana – maybe try to make a layered sheet cake for church supper / nilla wafers on top / cut each piece w/ 1 cookie ?

        Your cake is so pretty – thank you for sharing…..

  5. My husband loves everything bananas and I will try this cake just for him. I think I’ll use the nutter butter cookies.
    The filling is what you used as the frosting correct?
    Thanks for the great recipes Be blessed.

    • The filling Is not the frosting. Filling goes between cake layers with banana slices and milk mixture. Frosting is cool whip

  6. I’m confused about the pudding mix. The filling calls for One 1.34 oz box that is to be added to the filling. Then you sya to combine flour ,baking powder & pudding mix. Do I need 2 boxes of punning mix ?

  7. Omgness smiling love banana pudding, I must make this, or have 1 of my sisters that loves to bake I hope it comes out right. Looks good I wish I had 1 now 🙂

  8. it simply says one in the cake ingredients and one in the filling ingredients not to be rude but it says it right there good luck!

    • There are a total of 2 boxes. One for the cake batter, and one to make the filling. Both are included in the ingredients, but separated by filling vs cake. I’ll rewrite soon to make it less confusing. Hope you like the cake!

      • I think it’s only confusing for those people who never cook anything from scratch. So many people these days rely on boxes instead of doing their own cooking. I love cooking from scratch. I actually made some homemade banana pudding ice cream that was out of this world!

      • I don’t think you need to rewrite it, most of us actually read the WHOLE thing and had no question about it. Actually I read it twice in places to make sure I got the details right. I screwed up No Fail Fudge, so I wanted to make sure.

  9. I’m going to assume it was fine since nobody commented but my initital thought was that the nilla wafers on the sides would be too heavy for just cool whip to hold….I would think they would slide off but, again, apparently not! I will definitely try this one.

      • I too am lactose intolerant, and I make pudding all the time with almond milk. My kids don’t know the difference, and I am happy because I can have it too!!

  10. Bananas tend to turn brown when mix in pudding and you have leftovers. I put a lil lemon juice on my bananas to prevent the discoloration…..just a thought.

      • Amen on that one! Nothing lasts around here, I could probable not even refrigerate this one because it would be gone in and hour or so, with all the grandkids and their friends running in and out all the time! J/k maybe if I put it in the frig, they wont steal a bite every time they come in the kitchen!!

  11. I’m thinking of trying to make this, but I’m SO old fashioned when it comes to my banana pudding. I think I’m going to put my vanilla wafers in between the layers, with the bananas, but then make up a big batch of meringue to “frost” it with, and bake it to a golden brown, just like I do my home made banana pudding. I’m pretty sure it will work. I’ll either bake it, or brown it with a torch….

  12. I make one similar to this using a Seven Minute Frosting. I also cook a milk and sugar filing to put on the layers. Oh so good. Thanks for reminding me.

  13. yes I will be making this very soon.. that cake looks so pretty you done awesome job.. I like for my cakes and pies to taste good but I really like them to look good. you mastered that one for sure.. will be going to the store tomorrow.. I have most everything except for a few items.. my baby seen it now it wants me to make it for sure he loves banana pudding and cake let the baking begin lol.. thank you for sharing

  14. This cake looks delicious. I am not a big fan of cool whip…is there any other suggestions for a substitution for cool whip to frost the cake with. I wouldn’t mind the cool whip dollops on the top. I wonder if a person could mix pudding and cool whip together and make a frosting. Any suggestions?

  15. Kudos to the originator of this recipe but I;m going to try it with my best pound cake recipe along with my own banana pudding recipe. Will keep yall posted. Thanks for the original

  16. Hello LBS’ters!
    I made this cake and it was to “live for” because if I say to “die for” I wouldn’t be able to eat or make it again! (LOL)
    NOTE: I replaced the vanilla extract, with banana extract and it was so scrumptious!!!

  17. Do you have a cupcake version of this recipe? My son’s first birthday is in September and Hubby and I decided on a Curious George theme. Hubby loves bananas. I think BP cake would tie in perfect with CG. I would love to make cupcakes though.

  18. The parchment paper won’t burn in the oven? (Lining of pan)…and can you make a two layer or rectangle? And how did you cover it in the fridge with it being so high?

  19. Cool whip makes a frozen frosting that is really good. It is in the frozen food section in the store along with the regular cool whip. Would this work for frosting this cake?

  20. I am just learning to bake , my husband loves banana pudding. So I thought this would be a good combination birthday cake. I found u by accident. I’ll be letting people know I got this from Little Bit Sweet, now my daughters cooks all the time. I am sure she will be looking u up. Thank for this yummy recipe.

  21. love to cook I love to bake when I saw your banana pudding cake I had to write down the recipe I am going bake this cake with lots of love. and hope that it looks as well as a picture. the picture was so enticing.

  22. I love asking from scratch and baking in general, I used to decorate cakes, but I have moved on. This cake looks so easy and delicious I know my niece and nephews will love it when they find out bananas are involved thank you so much foe sharing. I will be following you

  23. I normally make the old fashion cook pudding on stove top, layer wafers and bananas, and beat egg white for top, but this looks and sounds most delicious, thanks for sharing. I will also be following your post.

      • Pillsbury Sugar Free with a touch of buttermilk for the liquid. 1 box of SF instant banana cream pudding added to mix, dash of Mexican vanilla. Box of sugar free banana cream pudding made by directions and use 1 cup stabilized whipped cream for filling and the rest of the whipped cream to cover…YUM! And it stays pretty!

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      • I shared it on my FB Page like I said before, and now have over 156,000 shares 🙂 Your cake has gone viral, you should be getting a lot of traffic to your blog. I included your link & the recipe in the post and multiple times in the comments too. ~ Susan Jane

    • If you can’t find the smaller one, you can use 1/2 of the larger box. Now, I use the 1 ounce boxes of sugar-free pudding. I believe they’re 3 ounces if they’re the regular pudding (not sugar free). Basically, if there are 2 sizes of instant pudding mix, go for the smaller one. 🙂

      • I have two issues and please cake Nazis don’t attack me like you do everyone else on this thread.

        1. The small jello pudding instant (regular, not sugar free) box is 3.34 oz. and the sugar free is 0.9 oz.from what I can find. Nonew of them are 1.34 oz. as the recipe calls for.

        2. The only banana flavor I can find is banana cream, not just plain banana. What is the correct size and flavor please? My mom is making it for my birthday this weekend. It looks delicious!

      • Hi Tracy! Feel free to use either of those small boxes. This post was written a few years ago, so the product could’ve changed. Basically just wanted folks to know to use the small instant box instead of the big one.
        Banana cream flavor works just fine! All you’re trying to achieve with the pudding mix is making the cake a bit more moist as well as giving it a banana flavor.

        Happy early birthday!

  25. I think I made the mistake of making the cake a two layer cake (I only had two pans). It was alright, but very dense and a bit dry. Think I’ll make this again after getting another pan. I suspect the extra bananas and filling should make it more moist than just one layer. Thank you for posting this recipe 🙂

  26. Someone was asking.about the design on top use a cake decorating tip the star tip I think the medium size would do it or the next size up. I dont have my tips in front of me right now but the star tip comes in different sizes. And if you dont have decorating bags you can use a zip lock bag . Cut the bottom corner so the tip will go inside the bag and put the tip through the hole but not big enough the tip will slide through . And tighten the round ring on to keep the tip in place if the tip is big enough it might stay on its on but I like the ring holds better. Then slowly twist the bag and make your design.

  27. I want to try this “Mexican Style” Make the bottom Tres Leches…. omg my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Great recipe!

  28. I wanted to know if you can make just the cake the night before you need it, than do the filling baanas and frosting the next day. thanks. also if I make the filling to the night before and refriderate it will that be ok too. thanks.

  29. Thank you, will let you know how it turns out as I am making it for tomorrow for super bowl..Also one more thing I could not find the 1.34 oz pudding banana, I purchased 2 3.4 ozs. do I use both of them. I have the 1.34 for vanilla but not for banana. thanks

  30. I bake all the time, but im kinda worried about the part where it says ” Add into wet ingredients in three separate additions, mixing until just combined. Don’t over mix!
    Stir in milk until combined. iam getting a little confused on this part. is there a video on you tube or any where that we could see a step by step. hope i can get this i need this in a couple weeks

  31. I read all the comments and maybe its just me. I made this last night and I was not sure if I was suppose to make the pudding before putting it in the mixture or just add the dry mixture to the cake. My layers was not as big as yours. Trying to figure out what I did wrong. I’m glad I read that the mixture was suppose to be dense because that scared me.

    • I experienced the exact same thing. Very thin, dense layers. I had to turn mine into a triffle. There is no way I could have served this in the above form.

  32. where were you when I was pregnant with my sons??????!!!!!! ALL I CRAVED WAS BANANA PUDDING….this sooooo amps up the game!!!!!

    • Sorry I couldn’t get back to you! Yes, it’s ok in the fridge. I would suggest not frosting it with the cool whip and cookies until day of, though. Just for better presentation. I hope you liked the cake!

      • Would I actually prepare pudding for cake mix or add dry pudding? In grocery store so my fingers are crossed hoping you see this 😄

      • I DID see it! 😊 You just add the dry mix to the cake. The vanilla pudding used for the filling is mixed with other things as described in the recipe. Let me know how it turns out! As other people have stated, the batter is quite think, so don’t panic if that’s the case. 😉

  33. CAKE RECIPE HAS A MAJOR FLAW – WAY WAY TOO much flour! The filling & frosting for this recipe all worked but the actual cake came out like dense hockey pucks! You can easily cut the flour by 1 & 1/2 cups. I suspected the flour amount was too high when mixing it, I should have followed my gut and stopped at 1 1/2 cups. I suggest substituting a good boxed cake mix.

  34. My son loves banana pudding so since Bday is coming up in April I thought I would surprise him with something big m different but just as delicious!

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  36. I have made this a total of three times and each time the cake comes out dense and dry – I have experimented with whipping the butter for longer , cooking at a lower temperature and even poking toothpick holes in the cake before brushing with the skim milk mixture – any suggestion on how to make the cake layers moister?

    • Sorry to just be getting back to you. If the cake comes out super sense and dry, you might be over mixing it. And careful how you measure your flour too. Lightly scoop flour into a dry measure cup and level off when measuring. Make sure your baking powder isn’t expired. Also stir just until dry ingredients are combined into the wet ones, careful not to over mix. Hope this helps!

  37. Made this for my daughters wedding. made it day before decorated and all wafers got nice and soft like they were just dipped in milk, but not soggy. i made 2 8 inch rounds and 2 4 inch rounds so they would have a top layer for their 1st anniversary. and i added 8 oz of cream cheese to the filling. It was a big hit.

    • Ok, that’s the result I’m looking for…”soft wafers”. I’ve made this cake several times and everyone has a hard time slicing the cake b/c of the hard wafers on the side. I usually let the cake sit overnight but it’s still crunchy. Hmmm…I was thinking of dipping the wafers in milk first. Not sure?! Anyone have thoughts/ideas?

  38. I knew the Cool Whip would be tricky to work with bec it “melts” so fast so I had my air on frigid before hand AND waited till the last minute to take it out of the fridge. It didn’t matter. It was melting clean off my cake! LOL! And yes, I had not only cooled my cake for @3hrs but I also put the layers in the fridge for @30mins, after the cake was assembled. What could I have done different? It still turned out beautiful, but like, my swirls on top…NOT pretty…and I SELL CAKES! ROFL!!! I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS STUFF AND I STILL SCREWED UP! HELP! LOL!!!

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  40. I made the cake for my husband’s birthday and he loved it. We did not NEED to eat the left overs so he shared with his day class and there was not hardly a crumb left. So thumbs up. My only somewhat critical observation is that I found the cake itself to be a little on the dry side even after following your directions of brushing the milk mixture on it. Perhaps I baked it just a tad too long. Getting ready to make another for someone else who requested and we’ll see. I thought your directions were easy to follow; but I did read through them first and my laptop is on my counter top 😉

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  42. Thanks for the great recipe! It is shared all around the internet like on pinterest without linking it back to you. I hate that but maybe that’s how the internet is. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing!

    • Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you for coming back to the source! Truthfully, it is super frustrating to me that it’s shared everywhere without linking to the original. But I guess that just how things go. I’m happy people like it! (Hint: I can usually tell it’s the Little Bit Sweet recipe when it says “two egg whites” in the ingredients. That’s not something you normally see in a recipe like this!)

  43. My family and I love banana pudding so I know they would love this cake, it looks so yummy, I will have to try it at one of my family get togethers. Thank you.

  44. Hi can someone please tell me what Nila wafers are please…from Australia..we don’t have them here but maybe I could find something similiar. Thanks

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  46. Hello. I’ve made this cake a few time over the past week. I’ve had a couple of ppl tell me it was a little dry. It was fine to me. How can I make it more moist? Please helllllppppppp

    • Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response! One things you can try is to make sure each layer is a little warm (yet out of the pan and already stacked on the cake) whenever you poke it and put the milk mixture on each layer. The cake will soak up more of the milk mixture when it’s warm. Hope this helps! Happy baking!

  47. This was the hit. The only thing I did different was to us simple syrup instead of the condense milk. What would be the difference ?

  48. NEVER use instant Banana flavored pudding in any kind of banana pudding recipe! ALWAYS use vanilla instant pudding instead. The banana flavor is supposed to come from the bananas not a mix that tastes like a nasty banana flavored candy.

  49. I made this and used the banana cream pudding mix and the French vanilla mix it was unbelievable. Got raves and begging from friends to make for them.

  50. You say you can add gelatin to the cool whip for the frosting. Do you just mix the dry powder into the cool whip or do you need to do something special?

    • To be honest, I don’t know the sugar content. However (and FYI I’m a dietitian that works with diabetics so I love your question), you can plug the ingredients into the My Fitness Pal app’s recipe builder and get an estimate of the carb content. With diabetes, it’s not just about sugar. You’ll want to look at overall carbs. It can be made with sugar substitutes, though I don’t recommend it as those will sometimes change flavor, texture (depending on the kind used), and can sometimes still affect your blood sugar. The cake is still a cake even if it is “sugar free”. The flour and even sugar alcohols from substitutes will affect blood sugar. I suggest real thing but portion controlled, only on occasion, and as part of an overall healthy lifestyle (with exercise!). 🙂 Hope that helps!

  51. I made this wonderful cake for a good friend of mine’s birthday. He loves banana anything. It was a huge hit. I don’t believe there is a way to add a picture, but it turned out beautifully. He LOVED it! Thank you for sharing on your Facebook page. The timing was perfect.

  52. In the recipe, where it reads, Line banana slices on top of cake. Spread 1/3-1/2 of the filling mix on top of bananas. What is the “filling mix?”

  53. I am going to make this. Sounds delicious and my family loves banana pudding and cake. What did you drizzle across the top? Picture I received on Facebook showed some kind of drizzle on top. I will let you know how it goes over with family.

    • Hi there! I hope you and your family enjoy it! The Facebook picture with a drizzle on top wasn’t my picture. So I’m not sure what they used! But I would assume it was white chocolate or something similar. I honestly prefer it looking a little “cleaner”, so haven’t tried drizzling anything on top!

  54. Ich würde sooooo gerne diesen Banana Pudding Cake nachbacken aber ich kann kaum englisch 😔
    Daher meine Bitte und Frage: ” Könnten Sie mir das leckere Rezept auf Deutsch übersetzen⁉️”
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen und wäre
    sehr dankbar dafür‼️
    Liebe Grüße und Danke im Vorraus
    Tesch Andrea 💐🤓

  55. Made an absolute mess! Cake came apart,the cool whip was the worst for frosting i might as well have used soup . Very disappointed : (

    • Sorry to hear about your experience! How long did you wait for the cake to cool prior to trying to assemble? Also, did you thaw the Cool Whip in the fridge, or on the counter? If Cool Whip isn’t thawed in the fridge, it can become a bit “soupy”, thus lending to your results. Also, it’s important to let the cakes cool in pans for about 10min (or until you can comfortably handle the pans again), and allow to cool completely on cooling rack prior to frosting.

  56. I made this at the request of my oldest son, for his birthday. It was easy and my family loved it. It is a keeper!

  57. How long can it be out of the fridge. I am making one for someone and it will take an hour for me to get to him, and then he has to drive another hour to get home.

    • It will likely be fine for that duration of time. Danger starts when it’s out of the fridge for 3-4 hours. I’d advise him putting it in the fridge ASAP. And keeping the car cool during the drive so it doesn’t melt! 😉

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  59. As commented on another post, although I love this cake and have made it many times; we always have a hard time cutting it with the hard wafers on the side. Do you have any suggestions on softening them, like maybe dipping or brushing w/ milk? I typically make the cake and serve it the next day so you would think that would give it plenty of time to soften the wafers, but it doesn’t. Thanks for sharing this great recipe! It fetched over $200 in a cake auction. 🙂

  60. Hi cake looks great! Tried to make filling and it was watery. Is this how it should be? I was thinking the filling would be more of a pudding consistency.

    • Hi there! It should be more of a pudding consistency. What type of pudding mix did you use? And what type of milk. If it is soy milk, the pudding won’t “set”. (I learned that the hard way!!)

    • Nope! But they DO have to be instant for the recipe to work as typed. The only warning about using regular instead of sugar-free: you will need the small box, but the weight of the box will be different than that listed in the recipe. (Real sugar weighs more than fake!)

    • Hi Miss Mary! Currently, we are unable to sell the banana pudding cake in this form as TX at-home bakery laws prohibit the sale of refrigerated items like this. 😦 Hoping to be able to sell it in the future! We are located in north TX.

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  62. If I make the cakes at night and want to finish the cake the next day, does that part of the cake need to be refrigerated? Or just once you start adding filling and frosting?

  63. Please, if you decide to change the original recipe and it doesn’t “turn out” then don’t down rate the original recipe. Your changes could cause the final product to be less that the scrumptious recipe we’ve all been drooling over. Try the recipe as originally designed. It obviously warranted many positive replies, then if you want to make changes, go for it.

  64. Tonight i will be making this cake again for a friends birthday. She challenge me to make it so a few days ago i made it. Except i made the whip cream icing from scratch. The cake was gone within hours of making it. However i thought maybe i did the filling mixture wrong because it never set up at all. So my only question is what consistency is that mixture suppose to be. I want make sure i’m making it right.

  65. I made this cake also i put the old fashion custard on the layers first and the banana and cookies.I made 4 layers instead of 3 layers. It’s a large family and friends flipped over how good it is.I am cooking one for this weekend for my family wants me to make it for Thanksgiving

  66. Tried this recipe for a gathering everyone just loved the looks of this cake and most of all the taste. Let it stayed in fridge hours recommended, just great. Will do this again but did not use sugar-free, just regular

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  69. I have made this cake many times. The only problem I had was I found the cake itself was too dense. I used a different cake mix that was my grandmother’s recipe and the cake was more moist and fluffy.

    • From: Little Bit Sweet To: Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 11:40 AM Subject: [New comment] Banana Pudding Cake #yiv0115813529 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0115813529 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0115813529 a.yiv0115813529primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0115813529 a.yiv0115813529primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0115813529 a.yiv0115813529primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0115813529 a.yiv0115813529primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0115813529 Kim commented: “I have made this cake many times. The only problem I had was I found the cake itself was too dense. I used a different cake mix that was my grandmother’s recipe and the cake was more moist and fluffy.” | |

  70. I have made this cake 3 times and each time there are no leftovers, no matter how large the party, lol. It is in high demand and is definitely a crowd favorite. I appreciate the recipe! I have shared this post with quite a few friends so they can make it as well 🙂

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