Meet the Baker

Little Bit About the Author

My childhood nickname was “Li’l Bit.”  Convenient, huh? A Texan, born and raised, my undergrad was at Texas A&M (Whoop!!) and then went for a Master of Clinical Nutrition.

I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle with exercise, eating right, and indulging every now and again to keep myself happy. I love nutrition, yes, but I also have a very large sweet tooth!!


How did I get into nutrition? Simple, I had to. Growing up, I was an overweight kid.  So I made the decision to get healthy when I was in high school. After years of feeling out of place and teased, I was determined to be healthy and happier. I started exercising and changed my eating habits.

It worked!! Slowly but surely, the weight came off, 30 pounds total.

It was not easy. There was NOT some magic pill to take and I DID struggle with finding a happy balance between “healthy eating” and obsessing over what I was or was not supposed to have. That’s why I’m such an advocate of everything in moderation. Yes, it’s great to be healthy and always eat healthfully….but I had to allow myself to enjoy a cookie every now and then to keep me sane. :)

My hope it that this story serves as an inspiration or helps someone feel more connected to what I talk about.


Why did I start a website? It started as a place to show off my bakery portfolio. I never had a good place to show clients pictures of my work…until I created this site.

Now, it’s grown to a place where I can share nutrition advice, great recipes, and baking techniques. I’m constantly looking for new inspirations and recipes to try or to make over in a healthy way.

So there you have it. A little about me and the site in general.


Please comment if you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to say hi. I love reading comments and getting feedback!! :)


One thought on “Meet the Baker

  1. For the banana pudding cake, before adding first box of pudding to cake mix, would I prepare the pudding by the box first or just add dry? In grocery store with my fingers crossed hoping you see this as I really look forward to creating your masterpiece. Thanks !!!!

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