Moving on up!

Sorry posts have been a little more spread apart lately.  But it’s time for a big announcement:  Little Bit Sweet has moved!!! …well, sort of.


The website is the same, the website’s location is the same, but the author behind the website has moved.

Until now, I’ve been writing and baking in a teeny tiny kitchen with a smidgen of counter space.  Barely enough room to place a couple of mixing bowls, much less decorate baked goods. See what I mean?

Little Bit Sweet's Old location

Oh and by the way, the small counter space on the right held a stand mixer, and the space on the left held a microwave.  Sad day.

And now?  An A-MAZING kitchen (for my current standards) with plenty of counter space to create new recipes and decorate cakes.

Little Bit Sweet's New Location

I am SO excited about the new place and can’t wait to create many more delicious recipes.  And to think, I won’t have to use my dining room table and coffee table as space for cooling racks! Woo-hoo!!


Now to figure out how to organize all of my stuff…