A few of the latest…

It seems like time has been FLYING by lately, and it’s in part due to an influx in business. Which I’m very thankful for!!


So, what’s been happening at the LBS HQ?  A whole lotta Frozen cakes, some cupcake action, and a few more hilarious antics….as per usual. I laughed to myself this week as I was pulling ingredients for a cake. I’m beginning to buy in bulk (like, more apple cider vinegar and vanilla extract than I’d ever thought I’d go through) and am still running out of ingredients quickly!! I’ve gone through 15 lbs of flour this month.  Fifteen POUNDS of flour, people.  15…. never thought I’d see the day!


So where did all of that flour, sugar, etc go?  Into these fab cakes! If you’re ever wanting to see a more updated gallery of pictures, please be sure to like and follow Little Bit Sweet on facebook! I update that more than the blog.  Or at least try.  Let’s be real, I’m a little delinquent in providing updates. Must improve…


For now, I leave you with some of the latest cake images. Enjoy!  And be sure to contact for your next dessert order. 🙂 Pretty please…with sugar on top, naturally.

Frozen Ruffle Cake





Birthday Wishes

Short post today to show y’all the latest cake from Little Bit Sweet. This one was for a sweet friend of mine on her birthday. It’s an honor to bring joy to people on their specials days.

Funny story: She didn’t have any candles, and one MUST have a birthday candle. After all, how else could you make a birthday wish?? So she lit a match and we all (quickly) sang happy birthday. Perfect.

Here’s to Melanie. May your matchstick birthday wish come true!!




“Steed” cake

Short post this morning.  Just popping in to show y’all Little Bit Sweet’s latest cake.

The recipients’ last name is Steed. 🙂 Just fyi.

This one posed quite a challenge.  For one, I can’t draw.  Period.  Unless it’s in buttercream.  Then, apparently, I become an artist (although still not a very good one I’m afraid). And two, it always amazes me how things seem to work out, no matter the difficulties faced during construction of the cake.

When trying to draw on this cake, I used a cut-out of the image to be drawn and laid it on top of the cake.  This way, I could poke holes at various points throughout the image and make it a connect the dots and a “buttercream by numbers”. However, this caused the frosting to peel off the top of the cake.  Back to the drawing board.

So this design ended up being mostly free-handed work.  🙂

Original design requested:

How it looked on the cake:

Have a great day!