Banal Wedding Cake

Alright, time to catch up on some posts. 

Little Bit Sweet business has picked up quite a bit! (Thank goodness, because it’s helping this artist pay for her own wedding cake.)  Which means I’ve been doing a lot of baking and not so much posting.  I’ve vowed many times to get better, but let’s be honest here….it’s not happening. 😉


As a matter of fact, this blog will turn into more of a “life and times” blog with a focus on Little Bit Sweet creations and the occasional recipe post.


So today I’m posting a cake made for a dear friend’s wedding from June 14th.


                                                       Bridal Cake Display

Here’s the story:  The bride and I were in high school band together. (Insert jokes about band nerds here, but really our high school didn’t conform to the standard stereotypes.) Anyhow, it was a huge honor for her to ask that I make their wedding cake, and she had a beautiful inspiration cake to recreate.  Another challenge for this order: a Seattle Seahawks grooms’ cake. Fun!


The wedding was back home (2.5 hours from where I currently live) so it was a bit of a delivery. Which always turns into a fiasco for whatever reason.  This time, the bridal cake made it just fine. Whew! The grooms cake decided to get a little crazy.  About 40 minutes into the drive, the Seahawk decided to slowly jiggle off of its cake board. My fault for not putting icing underneath it to secure it down… rookie mistake!  So for the next couple of hours, I cringed with every bump in the road and keep looking in my rear view to make sure it wasn’t falling apart.  As if I could do something about it if it had. Luckily, it made it just fine…ish. The fallen cupcakes were easily jiggled back onto the board and another smooth out with a Viva towel covered all of the evidence.  🙂



Wedded Bliss

So you know how time kind of gets away from you when you have back-to-back tasks and it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day?  Yep, that’s been my life lately.  I know I’m really bad about saying that I’ll post more often, but it just hasn’t happened lately.


Anyways, a few weeks ago, I got to celebrate the wedding of my future sister-in-law and her now husband! Yay! And I was honored to be a part of their day by making their wedding cake.

Simple, Sunflower Wedding Cake

The day proved to be quite the adventure. Originally an outdoor wedding, the entire ceremony and reception had to be moved to another location when west Texas decided it wanted to become a wetland. In 2-3 hours, one ceremony and reception area was moved 30miles to an indoor location.  But it was gorgeous!! And such a testament to what great friends and family they have beside them. 🙂

Simple, Sunflower Wedding Cake

This was a carrot cake, and is one of my favorite flavors!!!

Funny story:  I start to make this cake with the email my mom sent to me, and noticed it didn’t have any fat in it. None. No butter, no oil, no replacement. Thinking this was strange (because usually carrot cake has LOTS of fat), I called and asked my mom to clarify. She said she thought she’d sent the recipe as is, but would check.  An hour later, I get a call….there’s supposed to be a cup and a half of oil per batch!!! Mom said, “Dang that wouldn’t have been good!”

Talk about a sabotage! But it turned out great! …even if I used a little less than called for because 1.5 cups of oil pained the dietitian side of me.  Even if it was canola oil, that is an insane amount of fat. But hey, the batch makes quite a bit and it was a very special occasion.

I wonder, if oil floats on water, could we have used the cake as a floatation device in the torrential downpour??  Hmm…

Belated Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Strawberry Cake Balls

Mother’s day and Father’s day have always been special holidays for me. After all, I’m celebrating the two people who (with God) brought me into this world.  And I have amazing parents.

So, in honor of (belated) Mother’s day, here’s to my mom! An amazing woman who cares so much for her girls and grand-girls, her parents, sisters, and everyone else in her life. Who worries a lot about us because she wants for everything to be right in our lives. Who is truly one of my best friends and someone I can go to with anything and everything. The person I call for advice in life, financial tips because I have NO idea what all of the technical financial terms mean, to share happy moments, and to calm me down when I feel like my world is falling apart.  Yes, I have my fiancee to do many of these things as well, but there’s just nothing like a mom’s advice.  After all, she’s seen me grow up, helped me pick up the pieces after my mistakes, and griped at me to clean my room more times than I can count. (I thank her for this now because my apartment is typically very tidy.)

Another great thing about my mom is she’s always there to help in any way she can.  She’s saved me from many cake disasters and helped with a bunch of deliveries.  Fixed the cage of my UFC cake when the sun melted it. And drove 2 hours after work on a Friday to help me finish 300 cake balls for a friends’ wedding favors.  All because she knew that, despite my claims, I couldn’t handle it alone.

So here’s to you, mom. A truly amazing woman and even better mom!


Also for Mother’s day, a friend ordered these cake balls from Little Bit Sweet for her mom.  I’m rather pleased with them! Strawberry cake balls with white chocolate coating. Yummy!

Strawberry Cake Balls

Bump Ahead

Pinterest creation came to life! (But altered a little bit)


This creation was inspired and modified from a Pinterest pin.  Such a cute design!!


When my client originally asked me to do this cake, I had to figure out the best way to make the bust and bump.  When talking about it at lunch with my fellow dietitians, the conversation was hilarious!

“How’re you going to make the figure on the cake?”

Me:  “Not sure. Probably just sculpt a round cake and 2 cupcakes.”

“You could use rice krispie treats!”

Me:  “True….but then they’d be lumpy!” <laughter>

“Might be more realistic that way!!”


I love my coworkers! Now I laugh ever time I see a picture of this cake. 🙂  So fun!

And yes, I DID end up using cake instead of rice krispie treats.  Lumpy bump and bust didn’t seem to fit the bill of a cute baby shower cake. 😉



More Little Bites

I’ve been making cake balls and cake pops a LOT lately, so figured I’d share a few pictures. 🙂


Chocolate cake balls with white chocolate drizzle. My favorite!

I promise, one of these days I’ll be back with more recipes.  Hopefully sooner than later.  Life has still been crazy!


Want to make your own cake pops or cake balls?  Click here for a quick and easy “how to”!!


Vanilla cake balls. Dress them up with whatever sprinkles you’d like! These were Valentine’s cake balls. 🙂

March Madness

Remember that time I said I was going to post more often?

Yeah….sorry about that.  Business. Got. CRAZY!!!

Little Bit Sweet went from one cake every month or so to 3 orders per week for a little while.  Yay! But *whew* finally catching my breath.

For those that don’t know,  I am a full time dietitian and part time business owner and blogger.  Yes, it’s strange that I talk about eating sweets in moderation whilst selling them on the side.  But everything in moderation, people!!

Anyway, I’ll space out the latest cake creations, but here is a cake that was done for my niece’s 5th birthday party.


Funny story: The night before the  party, I sent a picture of the cake (unfinished) to my sister.  Briley, birthday girl, saw it and loved it.  When she first sees it at the party the next day, sweet Briley says “Is that the cake??”

I, of course, am thinking she’s thrilled and I’ve helped grant her little 5 year old wish of a Minnie cake.


I said “Yep! It’s your cake!”  Briley says, “It’s teeny!”

…..gotta love the honesty of a 5 year old. (For the record, it was not teeny. It was just enough and she ended up loving it.)


Back soon with more pictures!!