Gettin’ Chilly in Here!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every time I post, I say “I can’t believe it’s been so long…”, “Finally back with a new post..”, yada yada, blah-blah-blah.

Here’s the truth: Life has been CRAZY!!

Wedding planning and cake decorating have taken all of my free time.

Side note:  Anyone out there planned a wedding before? Holy cow, there are so many things to consider! And everything has to be done a million years in advance. Even then, people say “oh wow! It’s coming up fast!”…to which my thought is “for reals? It feels like ages from now!”  But it’s been so incredibly fun to think about the upcoming day in March, and, best of all, marrying my best friend.

So I don’t have a recipe to share, but I do have a series of new cakes to share with you!

And, of course, the most recent cake orders have been of the Frozen movie variety. Because, well, it’s an awesome movie and one of the best that Disney has created in a long time.

This cake gave me the opportunity to do some carving, so I’m showing the step-by-step process. Carving, frosting, and then air brush/final look. Fun!

In the beginning, there was lots of cake:IMG_2839

Then, the knife came out, Pandora came on, and the carving began: (I’d like to thank Pitbull and Paramore for the carving dance party)IMG_2840

Frosting for a base coat:IMG_2841

Then went crazy with airbrush, decorations, and fondant pieces!FrozenCastleCake


I can’t reveal all of my secrets because this IS a business after all.


This was such a fun cake!!

Many more fun ones to come.

….and hopefully a shorter time frame between posts…. 🙂



New site!!



Extra, extra, read all about it!!!

Hot off the press…er, computer….Little Bit Sweet has a new website!!

Now you can go to to see a gallery of all cakes and desserts, contact Little Bit Sweet for orders or questions, and link back to this blog for recipes, etc.

Exciting, yes?!

Of course, I’ll still be on here to update the blog with new recipes, pictures of the latest cakes, and general musings. But the new site is for the business side of things.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship any baked goodies or cakes. (Trust me, I wish I could!) But give me a shout if you’re in the north TX area.

More exciting things to come and new pictures of the latest cakes.  In the meantime, check out the spiffy new site!

Today’s question:  Anything in particular you’d like to see on the site, cake design, or specific recipe you’re looking for?  Comment below! I love hearing your suggestions.