A New Beginning, A Whole Lot of Cakes

Hello out there!

As I write this, I’m astonished how much has changed since the last post on Little Bit Sweet’s blog! 2 years ago!!

Here’s the quick synopsis: Little Bit Sweet has changed from a blog to a business, cake orders have picked up a LOT, there’s no longer a focus on recipe-creation, the writer (that’s me!) married a wonderful man, and…frankly….I’ve grown up a lot.


Our wedding cake! Made by a wonderful friend and fellow baker. (I got to make the bottom tier – it was fake!)

I must thank my amazing husband for becoming the “business manager” of Little Bit Sweet. That’s in quotations because we often joke about him having that title. But truthfully, he’s every bit the business manager and keeps me on task with cake order forms, scanning receipts, tracking expenses, and all of the other boring super important business tasks.

Little Bit Sweet has now gotten to a point I never dreamed it would be….which brings me to this post. What started out as a simple baking blog transitioned to a full-fledged baking business, and it’s time for the blog to transition as well. Instead of feeling the pressure to post new recipes and witty banter, I (Lauren…aka “Little Bit”) will be using this platform to provide updates on Little Bit Sweet’s latest creations, musings, a recipe here-and-there, and life discussions.

Over the past couple of years, while the business has grown, the owner has grown as well. I’ve become less afraid to define myself as a person outside of the business. The person behind the Macbook keyboard. The Christian that is learning many lessons through God’s divine intervention in my business and life in general. No, I won’t be writing in an “in your face Evangelical” way, but in a “this is the real me and real-life musings” type of way. I’ll share positivity and light, rejoicing in the blessings and potential hardships that the business (and owners) face. I’ll also share some of my all-too-often baking blunders. (There’s been a few of those shared here before….) I will also throw in some nutrition talk now and then! I AM still a registered dietitian after all. (For those that are new, yes I’m an RDN. No, I don’t think that you should 100% avoid sweets. Yes, you should have them in moderation.)

Overall, I invite you into my new world. One that is filled with faith, love, joy, laughter, and LOTS of baking!

I’m glad you’re here!

One thought on “A New Beginning, A Whole Lot of Cakes

  1. I was looking through your blog and thought, ‘wow, these posts are really old’. And now I know why! 🙂 I am so happy for you and wish you the best of everything. Congrats on your marriage and business venture. PS. I became a fan with your banana pudding cake and have made it numerous times. Always a hit! Thank you for sharing! Blessings! XO

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