Banal Wedding Cake

Alright, time to catch up on some posts. 

Little Bit Sweet business has picked up quite a bit! (Thank goodness, because it’s helping this artist pay for her own wedding cake.)  Which means I’ve been doing a lot of baking and not so much posting.  I’ve vowed many times to get better, but let’s be honest here….it’s not happening. 😉


As a matter of fact, this blog will turn into more of a “life and times” blog with a focus on Little Bit Sweet creations and the occasional recipe post.


So today I’m posting a cake made for a dear friend’s wedding from June 14th.


                                                       Bridal Cake Display

Here’s the story:  The bride and I were in high school band together. (Insert jokes about band nerds here, but really our high school didn’t conform to the standard stereotypes.) Anyhow, it was a huge honor for her to ask that I make their wedding cake, and she had a beautiful inspiration cake to recreate.  Another challenge for this order: a Seattle Seahawks grooms’ cake. Fun!


The wedding was back home (2.5 hours from where I currently live) so it was a bit of a delivery. Which always turns into a fiasco for whatever reason.  This time, the bridal cake made it just fine. Whew! The grooms cake decided to get a little crazy.  About 40 minutes into the drive, the Seahawk decided to slowly jiggle off of its cake board. My fault for not putting icing underneath it to secure it down… rookie mistake!  So for the next couple of hours, I cringed with every bump in the road and keep looking in my rear view to make sure it wasn’t falling apart.  As if I could do something about it if it had. Luckily, it made it just fine…ish. The fallen cupcakes were easily jiggled back onto the board and another smooth out with a Viva towel covered all of the evidence.  🙂




What are your thoughts?

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