March Madness

Remember that time I said I was going to post more often?

Yeah….sorry about that.  Business. Got. CRAZY!!!

Little Bit Sweet went from one cake every month or so to 3 orders per week for a little while.  Yay! But *whew* finally catching my breath.

For those that don’t know,  I am a full time dietitian and part time business owner and blogger.  Yes, it’s strange that I talk about eating sweets in moderation whilst selling them on the side.  But everything in moderation, people!!

Anyway, I’ll space out the latest cake creations, but here is a cake that was done for my niece’s 5th birthday party.


Funny story: The night before the  party, I sent a picture of the cake (unfinished) to my sister.  Briley, birthday girl, saw it and loved it.  When she first sees it at the party the next day, sweet Briley says “Is that the cake??”

I, of course, am thinking she’s thrilled and I’ve helped grant her little 5 year old wish of a Minnie cake.


I said “Yep! It’s your cake!”  Briley says, “It’s teeny!”

…..gotta love the honesty of a 5 year old. (For the record, it was not teeny. It was just enough and she ended up loving it.)


Back soon with more pictures!!



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