Birthday Wishes

Short post today to show y’all the latest cake from Little Bit Sweet. This one was for a sweet friend of mine on her birthday. It’s an honor to bring joy to people on their specials days.

Funny story: She didn’t have any candles, and one MUST have a birthday candle. After all, how else could you make a birthday wish?? So she lit a match and we all (quickly) sang happy birthday. Perfect.

Here’s to Melanie. May your matchstick birthday wish come true!!




2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. hello Im kinda new to the sharing of photos so I hope I did it right. I thought your banana pudding cake looked awesome and I shared it and gave credit to you/and the blog..please let me know if that was correct? if not I will take it down…Again awesome recipe..i would love to use more with of course directing people to your blog…please let me know..Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing and giving credit! I would be flattered for you to share posts, and just ask that instead of rewriting the recipes, etc, that you just give a description and link back to the site. I so appreciate you sharing and will check out your page!

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