Deep in the Heart of TX

I’m usually a very healthy eater.  But sometimes, there’s nothing like indulging in bad-for-you foods.  Something fatty and delicious without worrying about the fact that it’s a gazillion calories.

When you need food like this, you need the State Fair of TX.  (Or a deep frier and some imagination) I’ll walk you through some food my parents and I encountered in our trip.

At the TX state fair, fried food isn’t just some cheap diner nosh.  This is serious business.  There are contests each year for most creative and best taste.  This year’s winners were Fried Thanksgiving Dinner (most creative) and Deep-Fried Cuban Roll (best taste). We didn’t try either.

I KNOW!!!!!  What a shame!  But seriously, the lines were enormous and the winners will likely be back next year.

Here’s the full fair experience:  *Note:  all food was shared between 3 people.  No judging 🙂

Circle endlessly in traffic trying to find a parking spot.  Finally give up and pay more to park blocks away. Say “howdy” to Big Tex, and let the fun begin!

Howdy, Big Tex!
RIP to the old Big Tex. He burned last year. 😦

Unlike most girls, I was most excited about the car exhibits.  We grabbed fried spinach dip bites between the first  and second car exhibit.  Verdict: delicious! But so not worth the 10 tickets ($5) for two tiny bites.

After a few more exhibitions, we grabbed lunch.  Dessert looked like this:

Fried Moon Pie

Fried Moon Pie

Can I just take a minute to explain the awesomeness that is a fried moon pie.  I grew up with these things (original, not fried) and loved them.  So a fried version just put it over the top.

Other, not pictured, experiences included a craft show, wine sample from Cupcake vineyards (and a mini cupcake for my dad from them since he doesn’t drink), a free 5hr Energy, and a free ice cream cone.  I had two licks of the ice cream and was done with sweets/all food.

After a few hours and a LOT of walking, I grabbed something healthy. (kidding)

Chocolate Banana.  Yum!!

I think I’ve filled my fried food quota for a while.  My tummy was not so happy after this day, but it was so worth it.


2 thoughts on “Deep in the Heart of TX

  1. Me and my husband didn’t make it to the State Fair of Texas this year, but I love the new car exhibits as well! And, of course, we love trying all of the dangerously fried food (though Fletcher’s corn dogs are still my favorite)!

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