The Perfect White Cake Search

Everyone knows about it, and everyone’s had it before….white cake. The staple.  The safe bet, because most people are picky about their cake flavors.

It being such a classic, you would think that every self-respecting cake decorator would have their favorite white/vanilla cake recipe.

But that’s so not true.  And, surprisingly, white/vanilla cake is possibly THE most difficult cake to make.  Why? Because there isn’t a flavor to cover up the cake’s imperfections.  It has to be sweet enough, but not too sweet.  Vanilla tasting, but still mild flavor. And the perfect crumb because, let’s be honest, it’s much easier to make a moist cake if you’re adding some other flavors to the thing.

It’s cake, but without all of the bells and whistles.  Unless you make it look like this….

Sweet 16 at Tiffany's

But even after you look past the pretty decorations, it’s still just white cake, and it has to be good.  Because everyone knows what it should taste like, and people are critical with their childhood favorites.

Lately, I’ve still been searching for the perfect white/vanilla cake recipe.  I don’t normally share the recipes that I use for Little Bit Sweet, the baking business. (Yes, I’m keeping secrets from you…sorry)  But now that I’ve discovered a better version of my old white cake recipe, I’ll share a couple of the old ones for you to try.  These were good, but just not what I was looking for.

Here’s the one I’ve been using for the past year or so:  Simple White Cake

Analysis:  It’s really good!  But it’s much more dense than I’d like.  And I often decreased the amount of sugar because it forms a bit of a sugary crust on the cake itself when it bakes.  Not a bad thing, but it makes it more difficult to carve into shapes like this:

And the latest recipe tried:

Analysis:  It’s good. And it’s vegan, which is a plus for my needs as I have vegan friends and clients.  Nice crumb/texture.  But just wasn’t….right.  A little “flour-y” tasting for me.  Not a ton of vanilla flavor to it. Like I said before: it was good, just not the quintessential white cake I was wanting.

So, alas, I go back to the drawing board again.  I like the white cake recipe I’m now using, but it could always be better.  I want the white cake that brings everyone back to their childhood.  Meaning their grandma’s recipe or mom’s recipe….not the white cake you’d get at the grocery store for your birthday cakes 😉  Not that there is anything wrong with those!! I love them.  They’re just not the perfect white cake…

What are your thoughts?

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