Want s’more cupcakes? …thought so.

It’s 71 degrees outside!! Fall!!!!!  Well, Texas fall.  I’m loving this weather, and it puts me in the mood for all things fall.  Pumpkin carving, getting ready for the holidays, and bonfires.

And what’s better than s’mores when you have a fire in front of you?  Nothing….the answer is nothing. 🙂


Since I was taking goodies to work, and building a bonfire in the middle of the office is frowned upon, I had to find a way to make s’more sans fire. Cupcakes were the perfect option.

This isn’t really a “recipe” because you can change it up to fit your preferred tastes.  I made chocolate cupcakes as the base of this dessert, but you could choose vanilla or some type of graham cupcake if you’d like.  I was already making chocolate cupcakes for the PB frosting in the last post, so just made a few more chocolate for the s’mores.

These were definitely a hit!  Next time I make them, I’ll be trying them with a graham cupcake instead.  I think it would make it even better.  (If you happen to have a graham cupcake recipe, please share!)

S’mores Cupcakes

Makes 24 cupcakes

  • 24 prepared cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, swirled, or graham…you choose)
  • 1/2 container marshmallow fluff
  • ~6oz semi-sweet chocolate chips (or 1/2 of an 11.5oz bag)
  • 2tsp vegetable shortening
  • 1/2 cup crushed honey graham crackers

Fill cupcakes with marshmallow fluff. Click here to see how to do that.
*Note:  if you don’t want to use the packaged stuff, you can make your own marshmallow fluff with this recipe.  But it doesn’t hold it’s shape as well and seeps into the cupcake*

Melt chocolate chips with shortening in a microwave safe bowl, melting on high at 30 second intervals just until melted.  If the chocolate seems too thick for putting on cupcakes, add another tsp shortening.

Dip cupcakes in melted chocolate or spread a little on each cupcake’s top.

Top with crushed graham crackers.




What are your thoughts?

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