Teenage Mutant Mania

Latest cake from Little Bit Sweet?  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


TMNT mania hit my kitchen this week, and I’ll be showing you pictures of the cake and cake pops separately.  I don’t want to steal focus from these little guys by showing the big cake 🙂

I love that I used to watch TMNT as a kid, and now it’s cool again.  Making this cake totally brought me back to watching TMNT cartoons and movies.


Here’s a few tips on making cake pops:

  • Make sure your cake pops have the right frosting to cake ratio.  You should add enough frosting to where the cake mixture holds its shape when formed into a ball, but not so sticky that it is a mushy mess when rolling them.
  • Refrigerate or freeze the cake balls to let them set after rolling them.  After the cake balls are dipped, do NOT put them into the freezer again.  Condensation will form on them if you freeze the coated cake balls.
  • To make sure the popsicle stick stays put, dip the stick in a little chocolate (or whatever candy coating you’re using) before inserting the stick into a cake ball.  The chocolate will harden and help keep the stick in place.
  • There are set-ups you can buy to hold the cake pops as you decorate them.  Like this one.
  • You can use fondant for the details.  To get the fondant to stick, use a little water (not even a drop) as glue. Wet fondant is super sticky and will stick to the cake pop.


Up next:  TMNT cake!

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?


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