Beautiful Bridal Showers

Who says cake is only for the wedding?  If we’re celebrating the bride, let’s also celebrate the fact that she’ll have a yummy wedding cake. 🙂

Take these cakes for example.  The dress also included a string of pearls and a crystal broach that isn’t shown in the picture…but you get the idea.  Cute and decorative cupcakes and a small teapot cake to make the bride feel extra special before her special day.

Now for tips:  (you didn’t think I was just going to show you pictures, did you??)

  • To make a cupcake cake:  make your shape prior to frosting your cupcakes.  That way, you can use the frosting to make sure there are no holes in the final cake design.
  • To make a teapot:  Make the handle and the spout out of fondant and allow to dry before attaching to the cake.  This way, the fondant will be hard and will keep its shape.  You can put lollipop sticks in the spout and toothpicks in the handle prior to the fondant drying.  This way, you just stick the decorations into the cake!
  • As always, chill the cake before you try to sculpt it!!  It helps the cake stay together…trust me.  (Yes, this was learned from a cake catastrophe)

Anyways, here are the pretty cakes!

Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake  Bridal Shower Cupcake Cake

Teapot Cake  Teapot Cake

What special dessert would you like to have at your next party or shower?


What are your thoughts?

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