National Nutrition Month

Not to alarm anyone, but Registered Dietitian Day is in 2 days.  That’s right, March 13th is the day to celebrate all Registered Dietitians.


…what?  You didn’t get me flowers??   Sad, sad day.


March is also National Nutrition Month.  Yay! An entire month to celebrate food, nutrition, and squashing nutrition myths.

A great website for all to visit for research based information about nutrition is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website,

For those who haven’t ever heard of A.N.D. before, here is a little info about the crew:

  • Previously known as the American Dietetic Association.  The name recently changed to the Academy.
  • Professional organization that helps to govern Registered Dietitians.
  • They have a site for pediatric nutrition info as well.  It’s
  • Serves to provide scientifically-based nutrition information from experts in the field and reliable resources.


Have a nutrition question you’d like answered?  Comment and ask!  (Seriously, I love what I do and love talking to people about nutrition and dietetics. So ask away!!)

Hope y’all have a happy and healthy National Nutrition Month!

…and I’ll try not to hold a grudge about the flowers.  😉  Juuuust kidding.


What are your thoughts?

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