Perfection is Overrated

It’s time to come clean.    I’m not perfect. *whew* That was hard to say.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that perfection is not a realistic goal.  Will I ever think that I have the perfect skin?  No.  But I’ve learned to embrace my freckles and love the fact that it makes me different special.  They’re what make me, well, me.

This may seem like a random post for a website that publishes desserts and food information.  But far too often the internet becomes inundated with posts about “How to get perfect hair” or “How to plan the perfect party” ….or the ever present “Get the perfect body”.

It’s time to have a post that says, “You may not be perfect, but you’re pretty awesome.” 

Maybe the posts out there should focus on how to love yourself.  Lift yourself up while working on areas in your life that you see as a hindrance to happiness.  The Army used to say “Be all that you can be” and I think that’s a great motto for everyone.  You may not have the perfect body right now, but love yourself enough to exercise and eat right, working your way to a place where your weight or lifestyle will not hinder having a full life.  That also means not being so concerned about fitness and healthy eating that it keeps you from spending quality time with family and friends.  Shouldn’t a balanced and healthy lifestyle be the perfection we seek?  I’d hate to have such a strict diet that I couldn’t have a piece of cake with my grandparents for their anniversary.  Then again, I enjoy dancing and jogging to get rid of stress.  Again, balance.

Love yourself for your imperfections, not despite the imperfections.  Sometimes, you have to be your own cheerleader.  After all, if it’s the material things that you love, would you still be yourself if they were all taken away? Yes.  The things that matter are not things.  It’s not the perfect body, perfect wardrobe, perfect family.  Perfection is being thankful for blessings and opportunities despite bumps along the road.

What is something that you’ve been holding onto that has hindered you from living to the fullest?  Please feel free to comment and share!  Maybe someone else has the same issue.

I hope today leaves you feeling happy and strong.  Strong in your accomplishments, and strong in the face of adversity.


What are your thoughts?

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