Think About Your Drinks!

I’m loving my new(ish) job as a pediatric dietitian, and am becoming even more passionate about spreading the truth about food and nutrition!  So I’m going to start posting a few nutrition tips along with the recipes you already see on the site.

First topic:  sugary drinks. Quite possibly the biggest health downfall I see every day.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just live a healthy lifestyle, sugary drinks should be the first thing you consider.  Why?  Because they add up SO quickly!!  Think about it. If you drink one glass of juice in the morning, then grab a sugary coffee drink on the way to work, soda in the afternoon, and then a drink at happy hour…you’re guzzling a bunch of calories and sugar. Worst part?  Little to no nutritive value in any of these drinks.

Now, let’s take a look at the amount of sugar in some common drinks:  *Note:  I’ve done the math and am showing all in 8oz servings instead of the servings in which they’re sold so it is an easier comparison.*

  • Apple juice (8oz)- 27g sugar
  • Original Coca-cola (8oz)-26g sugar
  • Lemonade (8oz)- 33g sugar
  • Sweet tea (8oz from McDonalds)- 14g sugar
  • Mocha Frappucino (8oz w/o whipped cream)- 27g sugar
  • Strawberry X-treme Smoothie from Smoothie King (8oz)- 30g sugar

Let’s put it into perspective:  If you drink an entire 20oz Coca-Cola, you’re drinking about 1/4 cup of sugar.  ….yuck.

So if you’re trying to live healthier, consider cutting out or decreasing your sugary beverages.  If you cut out a 20oz Coke each day, you’ll save 240 calories and 65g sugar.

Better drink options:

  • WATER!!  (always the best option, though I know it can sometimes be boring)
  • Diet sodas, diet sports drinks, diet…anything
  • Light or sugar-free juice  *Note:  Juices are NOT good sources of fruit.  If you eat the whole fruit, you get fiber and nutrients that may be missing in the juice*
  • Try light or skinny drinks at Starbucks and other coffee shops
  • Place slices of lime, lemon, and orange in your water to give it flavor


Ok, that’s all for now.  This was just to give you ideas and bring attention to an issue that I see every day at work.


Have any nutrition questions?  Feel free to comment and ask!  I’d be happy to answer them 🙂


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