Eating at Disney World: Part 2

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!!

Last week, I began telling you about my family’s trip to Disney World and a little about the food I ate, budgeting at Disney, and a few other tips about grubbing down and staying hydrated at Mickey’s land.

Now let’s take a look at the nutrition aspect of things.  No, this isn’t a very fun thing to think about while you’re on vacation.  But as I said in the last post, I have more energy and feel better when I eat right.  That and I’m all for a healthy lifestyle.  This simply means making good choices while still enjoying a splurge now and then.  After all, diets don’t work people!! The key to healthy living is just that:  living a healthy lifestyle.

Another thing:  what about people with special dietary needs?  For instance, diabetics, those with food allergies, kids with celiac disease (look it up here if you don’t know what that means), etc, etc.

So here we go:

For the kids:

  • Kids’ meals can be pretty awful…as they are in most places.  They all come with sides and/or drink.  Well the sides that I saw tended to be french fries, yogurt, pudding, apple slices, and a few others that I can’t remember.  Drinks were juice, soda, water, etc.  Here’s the bottom line on this one:  help your kids to make smart choices, too!! I’m not saying don’t ever give your child a french fry.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t steal a fry or two from my nieces.  What I am saying is that you may want to rethink buying a bowl of macaroni and cheese with a side of french fries and apple juice to drink, then following it up with a stop at the ice cream stand on the way to the next ride.  Perhaps buy the macaroni but have apple slices and water to go with it.  Or perhaps choose a pb&j with yogurt and water…..or a child’s burger with fries and diet soda but hold off on the ice cream stop until a different time.  There are options, people!!


  • Did I mention water enough??  Walking around the park can be tiring and lead to dehydration.  Would you rather give them a super sugary beverage or something that can keep them going and in a good mood throughout your trip.  Don’t believe me?  Just think about how lethargic you feel when you’re dehydrated.  Kids feel that way too!  Also, water is just better for everyone anyways.
  • Ok, so you want to get a snack in the park….what should you get that is a somewhat healthy option??  Any time you can get your hands on fruit or yogurt, score!! But let’s be real, that’s not the norm at an amusement park. Try to go for portion control with snacks.  A small popcorn to share, sharing a pretzel, or perhaps a small bag of chips.  Funnel cakes, cotton candy, and ice cream are NOT snacks….they’re dessert.

For those with allergies or other health conditions:

  • For those that need to watch sugar intake, request sugar-free syrup or jellies at breakfast and watch your carbohydrate intake throughout the day (i.e. make wholesome choices instead of sugary snacks, go for non-breaded meat at meals)
  • Avoiding gluten?  Ask about gluten free options wherever you go.  Also, check out this website.  It has some great information for eating gluten free at Disney.

For the adults:

  • Portion control!!
  • Eat meals at regular intervals.  This will prevent you from getting super hungry and either over eating or indulging in a few too many park snacks.
  • Stay hydrated.  With water or diet drinks…NOT with beer, full-sugar sodas, etc.
  • Let yourself be a kid!  Heck, if you want that Mickey-shaped popsicle, enjoy.  But don’t eat one or two every day…it’s all about moderation.


There is a LOT to be said about this topic, but I don’t want to make people bored with lots of details.  I just wanted to highlight the topic for those that wish to visit the parks without feeling like they’re coming home 15lbs heavier.


Most of all, Disney World was SO much fun!!!! Here are a few other pictures from our trip. 🙂



What are your thoughts?

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