Li’l Bit Savory: Stuffed Red Peppers

Time for another yummy dinner idea.  This time, it’s something that can be modified to please everyone.  Ta-da!!

This is not a recipe that I created.  It comes from a Pinterest pin’s recipe that you can find here:

They can be made into a great vegetarian dinner using modifications below…

Oh! (shameless plug)  If you like any of the recipes on this site or want to share anything with your friends, please pin, facebook, or tweet about it!  I pin every recipe to my LilBitSweet pinterest board so others can see what I’ve posted.

Anyways, back to the recipe at hand…. Yes, these are great and have become one of my go-to quick dinner ideas for the days I want something light but still full of flavor. I follow the recipe as listed in the link above, but with a few modifications:

  1. I tend to use a LOT more spinach because I like the stuff.
  2. I use canned marinara sauce that isn’t as caloric as traditional jarred sauces.  Plus, it’s more inexpensive.
  3. I use ground beef style soy crumbles for a couple of reasons:  ground meat tends to go bad in my refrigerator before I cook it, soy crumbles don’t have to be browned…they’re already cooked so you just thaw and cook with the sauce, and because the soy crumbles are a healthy alternative to ground beef and ground turkey (well, the kind that isn’t extra lean).
    Mostly, it’s just because I’m lazy and don’t like browning meat….

So customize this recipe to your preferences!!

Don’t like ground turkey?  Use extra lean ground beef!

What’s that you say?  You don’t eat meat?  The peppers in the picture are made with Boca soy crumbles.

Don’t like parmesan cheese?  Use shredded cheddar or something similar.

I hope you like them as much as I do!!

P.S.~ They’re also pretty good reheated.  I usually have stuffed peppers for a few days when I make this recipe.


What are your thoughts?

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