Your (cake’s) Inner Animal



Animal prints are all the rage.  No, I’m not talking about fashion. I’m talking about the party world! When I set out to do a pink and zebra print party for my sister’s birthday, I knew I had to incorporate zebra print into the cake.




I’ve created zebra print cakes before. (See that here)  This time, I wanted to step up my game a bit.  How was I to do that? With a zebra printed interior. That’s right, a little surprise for guests and my sister when the cake was cut. (A surprise for me too since I’d never done a zebra cake before and had NO idea if it would turn out)


Good news: it worked!!

Want to know how to make your own zebra cake?  It’s pretty simple!

What you’ll need:

1 batch (or box) of white cake batter

1 batch (or box) of chocolate cake batter

Black food coloring

Two 1/3 cup measuring spoons

How to:

  • Prepare cake mixes (or make a cake batter from scratch) per directions. Place the white batter in one bowl and the chocolate batter in a separate mixing bowl.
  • Add black food coloring to the chocolate cake batter until it is, well, black. I use gel icing colors because they will not thin out the batter and the colors are more vibrant.
  • Prepare a cake pan and preheat your oven per recipe/boxed mix directions.
  • Place 1/3 cup white batter into the center of your cake pan
  • Using your other measuring cup, place 1/3 cup chocolate batter directly on top of the white batter.
  • Repeat these these steps, layer white batter and chocolate batter, until pan is 1/2 to 3/4 full.  When completed, the batters will make circular rings in the cake pan.
  • Important!!!:  Don’t blend batters and do not mess with them once they’re in the pan.  If the batter does not appear to be spreading out, gently shake the pan in a circular motion and the batter will spread a bit.
  • Bake per recipe/box directions.

Good luck baking your very own zebra cake!  I’d love to see yours if you make one, so please do post a picture comment and show everyone!

P.S.~ Here are a few more pictures of the finished cake I made for my sister:



3 thoughts on “Your (cake’s) Inner Animal

  1. Looks like you have a future in the catering business. I am picturing your business card now. The Cake Dietitian – properly portioned cakes for all affairs.

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