Like sculpted cakes? Here’s another one! This time, we’re kickin’ it…new school.

This was a groom’s cake for an FC Dallas fan.  Flavor:  White chocolate raspberry with buttercream icing.  It’s the most delicious soccer ball you’ll ever eat. (Well, hopefully you don’t go around eating soccer balls, but you get the idea.)  The only fondant on this cake is what you see in black.  The logo is drawn in buttercream. 

Want to create your own soccer ball?  Check out my tips/tricks for sculpted cakes.  One of the most important details for this cake is the support system within the cake.  Supports are especially important in a structure like this.  Gravity and cake don’t get along very well.  Since the weight-bearing portion of the cake is smaller than the middle of the structure, you have to have support so it doesn’t crack in half. Best way to do it:  small supports in the bottom half of the cake, a cake board separating the two layers (the diameter of the cake will be equal to the diameter of the cake board), and one big support through the middle of the finished structure.

I have to admit after saying this that I didn’t take my own advice here.  The cake in the picture did not have this support system, but still survived.  Perhaps luck also has something to do with it. 🙂

Happy sculpting!


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