Dora Fiesta!

Hola!  Ready for a fiesta? Vamanos! Let’s go!

Dora & Boots! This cake is all buttercream on the outside.  That’s right, NO fondant at ALL! The drawing is hand-drawn with frosting.  Wanna see a little closer? Ok, since you asked nicely…

Hooray! Now, you can’t see it, but there are flowers, grass, and trees around the sides of the cake too.

Want a Dora cake for your little explorer? Contact me!

Now for some tips and tricks to achieve smooth buttercream similar to the finish of this cake:


  • For smoothed buttercream that looks like fondant, work with a buttercream that is fairly thick and workable. (If your buttercream is thin, just add a bit more powdered sugar)
  • For thick buttercream, use an unquilted paper towel to polish off the look.  Carefully place the paper towel on the top of the cake and rub lightly in circular motions, picking up the paper towel and checking for a smooth finish periodically.  Then, do the same for the sides of the cake, working with a turntable for easy maneuvering. **Note:  make sure your buttercream is not sticking to the paper towel!! If so, the towel will pull the frosting off, which is no good at all**
  • For thin buttercream (if you’ve used a thinner consistency to cover the cake) get a little crazy with vodka.  Yes, I said vodka…as in the alcohol.  Put a little in a spray bottle (you can use the cheap stuff) and LIGHTLY spray the cake.  Then, with an off-set spatula, carefully smooth out the buttercream.  It makes the cake very smooth and the buttercream will look flawless once you get the hang of it. The alcohol will evaporate quickly and leave you with a smooth, dry cake. **You do NOT want the cake super damp and/or wet.  Remember, you’re smoothing out the icing, not trying to start a happy hour.**

What are your thoughts?

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