Gettin’ Sporty

My favorite thing about decorating is making a cake that’s special.  You know, one that means something to the recipient.  Go big or go home, yes? I think so too.

Talk about a learning experiment (experience, whatever).  This cake taught me how to make a peanut butter cake and pb frosting!  Aaaaand that a chocolate piped cage should NOT be exposed to sunlight in Texas (even in an air conditioned car). It. will. melt. Still one of my favorites, though. 🙂

And for all the tennis players out there:

This really was a special cake.  The racket was a replica of the recipient’s own.

So there ya have it. Special cakes for special people.  Never be afraid to get creative!! Yes, it could be a disaster, or it could be fabulous.


What are your thoughts?

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