Everything’s Topsy Turvy!

In keeping with the theme (and because this was chronologically my next cake) here’s another bridal cake! This time, for a bridal shower. But not your average stacked, pretty, girly cake.  Everything’s gone topsy turvy!

A little bit of classic design, a modern edge, and someone got crazy and spilled the champagne.

Ever wondered how a topsy turvy cakes are created?  It’s all in the illusion.  There are many ways to actually create the design.  Ok here I also have to admit, I typed out the instructions but it got too long-winded and confusing.  As with all other things, YouTube is a wonderful teacher. 🙂 (Seriously, what did we ever do without that website??)

But I DO have some tips/tricks for topsy turvy and other cakes:


  • Cakes are only supposed to look like they are falling over.  Unless you want a big mess, and wasted decorating time, be sure to put supports in your tiered cakes.
  • Within the layers, place small candy or popsicle sticks in the cake that are cut to the appropriate length.  The top of the stick should be flush with the top of the icing on your cake.  
  • You will need a main support to secure all layers together.  These can be bought at specialty and craft stores. Again, the top of the support should be flush with, or just below, the top of the cake.  You can disguise the hole with a little fondant or frosting.  

So there ya go, that’s the mystery behind the whimsical topsy turvy cake. Ready to create your own? Good luck!! 

What are your thoughts?

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