Simple beginnings…

First post!! And a very special cake to kick off the blog: my first fondant cake!

Drum roll please…..

Ta-da!!! Ok, so it was super simple and mostly involved rolling and cutting out flowers…which was done with cookie cutters. Still, first time EVER using fondant and it was an adventure. This was made with marshmallow fondant, which is a fantastic intro for all you new fondant users out there.

Flavor for the cake: Vanilla w/ vanilla buttercream under the fondant

A little about marshmallow fondant:

  • It’s made, not bought (that I know of, but they’re doing amazing things with retail these days)
  • Marshmallow fondant is MUCH easier to work with than other brands/types of fondant.
  • No, this fondant is not gross. It’s made of and tastes like marshmallows for goodness sake! So if you’re one of the many who still say “I don’t like fondant, it tastes nasty” just give it a try. (Side note: I am determined to make fondant believers out of everyone. If all you’ve tried is a certain store brand….*coughWiltoncough*….you have to try the good stuff before you say fondant isn’t tasty.

Recipe for marshmallow fondant can be found here:

*I do NOT take credit for this recipe, just passing on the information from Peggy W.*


  • Use a LOT of Crisco when you’re making this fondant. No, really, lots. Yes, you’ll look crazy with crisco on your hands (and arms, counter, clothes….) but the marshmallows are super sticky so it’s necessary.
  • To roll fondant evenly: If you want a circle in the end, begin with a slightly flattened circle of fondant. Roll from middle outward, rotating the fondant as you go so you’re rolling evenly.
  • Use cornstarch on your counter and rolling device to prevent sticking. Cornstarch is easier to clean off of the fondant and give you a smooth finish than if you use powdered sugar for the task. Plus, cornstarch isn’t lumpy like powdered sugar.
  • Fondant likes to tear so work quickly once you place it on the cake.
  • Don’t get frustrated!!! It takes time and practice people!

If you’re curious, give it a try! Comment and let me know if you do.
Happy fondant-ing! Oh, and happy first post! 🙂

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