Hittin’ the Books

Time for back to school?  Yuck.  Ok so all of you parents out there are probably saying “Thank goodness!!”  I sympathize with the kiddos out there.  My classes just started for the fall semester and I was NOT ready to begin another round.

In the spirit of school, books, general knowledge, I present to you this oldie but goodie.

Back in the day, I was a proud member of Aggie School Volunteers.  This was our kick-off meeting’s dessert. (Howdy to all of you fellow ASV-ers out there!!) It was another vanilla cake to satisfy the masses.  What’s that you ask? What makes this one of my favorite cakes?  This little guy!

This mischievous little bookworm is eating our book!  The puffy cheeks are evidence. (See, he thinks fondant is delicious too) To this day, he’s one of my favorite characters I’ve created.

Now, let the new school year begin!


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