When it’s someone’s birthday, it’s important to make it special.  After all, it’s their day!  For my friends, that usually means customized cakes (flavor or design).  Let’s face it, I usually have to just go with it and hope that the flavors turn out. Always an adventure when working with cake.

For the girl who loves cheesecake, but still wanted a traditional cake…this concoction (err..creation) came to be:

Yep, that’s vanilla cake layered with cheesecake and strawberry filling. It’s all topped with whipped cream.  Yum!!

For something a little more tropical, how about a pina colada cake for a 21st birthday?


Love Oreo cookies?? Welcome the cookies ‘n cream cake!

Specifically, chocolate cake with cookies ‘n cream buttercream.

And last but not least, a Nutella cake (and cupcakes) for the chocolate lover!

For this one, Nutella was swirled into the batter and created the filling between layers.

Hopefully each of these made the recipient feel like the star of their special day!  It’s always fun to create/experiment with new flavors.  My failed attempts at special flavors aren’t shown but do trust, there are a few 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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